Fiji Receive Hero’s Welcome

The 2016 Rio Olympics gold medal winning men’s rugby team from Fiji received a rousing welcome on their return form Brazil. They received a hero’s welcome back when they touched down on home soil.

There were thousands of fans lined up in the streets of Nadi to catch a glimpse of the rugby sevens team that made their nation proud. These players have put Fiji on the Rugby sevens map.

The streets were filled with fans as the team members made their way from the airport to the Prince Charles Park, where they were given a rousing official welcome. This park also was packed to capacity to receive the favorite sons of the soil.

The players were seen wearing the gold medal that they received at the Rio Olympics round their necks. They were introduced to the crowd gathered at the Prince Charles Park as the greatest rugby sevens team in the world. The players definitely deserved every bit of appreciation and adulation that was showered on them at home as they trounced Great Britain 43-7 in the finals. This is the first ever Olympics medal won by Fiji.

Fijian coach Ben Ryan was elated and happy with the performance that his boys had put up in Rio. The coach said that Fiji won not because the players were carrying the weight of the nation on their shoulders, but because the players were on every Fijian shoulder. The Fiji team captain Osea Kolinisau said that he was expecting something crazy when the team landed in Fiji, but did not expect so much of craziness from the nation.

The team received a standing ovation from the 18,000 crowd that had gathered at the Prince Charles Park on their arrival. They sang, clapped and danced with joy and merriment. Prime Minster of Fiji, Voreqe Bainimarama, said that this was a moment that every Fijian will cherish forever.

Rugby Sevens Fit For Olympics

The way the Rugby sevens event was embraced by the public and the media at the Rio Olympics is testimony to the fact that this sport must always be included in the Olympics.

There are many who are wondering as to why it took so long for this game to be an Olympic sport. The sport has the fittest and the most professional athletes competing and can easily be a crowd puller.

The seven athletes in a team undergo huge amounts of training, mental tests, skill training and many more like any other sports athletes. The men and women’s teams from all the participating countries put up a grand show at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and the event was a huge success.

The Australian women showed why they are the best in the world. One of the highlights of the Rugby sevens event at the Olympics was Fiji beating the Great Britain team in the men’s final with a score line of 43-7. This was the only medal that Fiji had won in the Olympics.

The Australian women’s team is the best in the game and they proved their mettle at the Rio Olympics. They beat their arch rivals New Zealand in the Olympic finals. The sport has won millions of fans and you would now see many boys and girls considering taking up the sport of Rugby sevens. The super powers of the world, USA and China also have started to increase the funding for the sport. You would probably see more Rugby 7’s team competing in the next Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

There is no doubt that fans will be filling the stadium to capacity when Rugby 7’s returns to the XXXII Olympiad in 2020 for all the day. With Japan beating New Zealand this Olympics, there are lots in store for every Rugby sevens fan in the 2020 Olympics.

Rugby Sevens Gather Speed This Weekend

if you look at the performance of Rugby Sevens team of Canada, the Monaco 7s will offer qualifying moments for the rugby sevens team that can take part in the Rio Olympics this summer

There are places for twelve teams to play among which about 11 have qualified already. Canada has lost out to North America about a year back. They have been qualified for the repechage tournament as a result.

Mexico had finished in the third position and that has made them the second team for North America teams. The winning team in the tournament that will be held in the upcoming weekend will be able to go to Rio. Women of Canada team have already qualified as they have finished in the second position the World Series last year. The men’s team is aiming high and wish to join the women’s team this year.

This weekend will be busy with sixteen teams playing in total. They would be coming in from continental qualifying events. The competitions would be run in 2015. There would be six winners in total who would be proceeding for the Rio tournament. They would be joining the top four teams as well as Brazil as per the standings in the 2014-2015 series. The events of this weekend will determine the runners up positions and teams.

There are several teams participating from countries like Samoa, Hong Kong, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Morocco, South Korea, Tunisia, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Uruguay, Spain and Chile. The other teams that would be participating in the events would be Mexico and Canada. The finals would be shown on Sunday. Many will get to watch the matches live on channels that will stream the tournament live. Other channels will show snippets or highlights. People can also follow the matches on live blogs or forums.