The rugby sevens series at Tokyo was won by Australia for the first time. Australia had previously not done very impressively in the rugby sevens matches. The rugby sevens matches are played at various venues for over nine rounds. Until now the best performance by the Australian rugby sevens side was a fourth place end at the Gold Coast.

Australia’s win was a surprise element. The victory looked possible in the seventh round which was held in Japan. They were playing against Samoa, who defeated the series favourite New Zealand 17-12 in the semis. Samoa players Ken Pisi and Lolo Lui were there to stop Australia, but Australian captain Ed Jenkins set the deal with his try Lucas sealed it off with his kick at the knick of time.

The Australian squad was a young one, with Lucas playing his second seven a side tournament. The young team was prepared to win, knowing that there was no other way out. They refused to give up until the final whistle was blown. Lucas said that he was tired at the end of the match but he knew that they have to win and this helped him keep his thinking clear.

Australian coach O’Connor believes that the team’s victory at the rugby sevens was due to sheer grit and determination. Australia hadn’t won a single final since 2010 May, when it defeated Argetina Rugby team in London, and the team went all out to prove their critics wrong. The team has been suffering from injuries, and finally they could recuperate from all the negativity and come all out and clench a final victory.

Australia defeated Wales and was defeated by England during the run up to the finals. After this victory, Australia’s ranking is sixth in the World Series standings for rugby sevens with 84 points.