Australians Men’s Rugby Sevens Reached Mackay

The sevens team of Australian men’s rugby has reached Mackay, and they are now busy in preparing to square off against Japan.

The team is going to play against Japan this week in an international series as part of the preparation side for the ‘Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games’.

This tournament of two days will also prepare the team Australia side for the HSBC Sevens World Series of 2017/18 as well as for the Sevens World Cup, which will hold in 2018 in San Francisco.

Charlie Taylor, the second year player said arriving in Mackay, the teammates were excited and are hoping that their visit to the place would help develop interest in the sport all over the Queensland region.

He said, “It is extremely vital to keep the game on the growth path.

“We want to build more numbers in both fans and players, and hopefully we will do that by proudly winning a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.”

According to Taylor, winning first place in green and gold is a childhood dream of his and he hopes to see his current team take out the title like the women’s team in the recent Rio Olympics.

“It would be unreal, the Australian men’s team hasn’t won gold in a long time,” he said.

“So to be part of that would be a dream come true, that’s our main aim from here out.

“The girls’ team has done this and we watched them, from their experience, they were just over the moon. We are also hoping to repeat the history.”

On the other hand, the head coach of Australia Andy Friend said in the roster of this year, he was confident; he made up both new players as well as the experienced ones.