Barbados Eligible For The Commonwealth Games

Rugby 7s team (Men) from Barbados has got the ultimate opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Games which are going to take place in Glasgow in July, 2014. The Barbados team has replaced the rugby team of Nigeria and has entered Group A for the Rugby Sevens matches. In Group A, Barbados will get the chance to compete against some of the best Rugby Sevens teams representing Canada, Scotland and New Zealand respectively.

The members of the Barbados Rugby 7s team were really elated to hear this news. The Director of the Barbados Rugby 7s (Men) team- Joe Whipple said that the team has to work extremely hard so that it can compete efficiently against the core teams which are a part of Group A for the rugby matches. He is of this opinion because Scotland, New Zealand and Canada have participated in top rugby matches and are core teams on the International Rugby Board SWS (Seven World Series).

In 2013, Barbados participated in NACRA (North American and Caribbean Rugby Association) Sevens Championship and it played well because of which it qualified for the IRB SWS (Hong Kong) and got a chance to become a core team. However, it could not qualify for the Commonwealth Games (Glasgow).

Barbados team was preparing itself for IRB SWS by playing the Las Vegas Invitational Sevens and Tobago Sevens Invitational and because of this work ethic the team was rewarded with the news of them entering the Commonwealth Games after Nigeria withdrew.

In the months of May and June, Barbados Rugby Sevens team will participate in three tournaments taking place in UK and after that it will be a part of two more tournaments from early July. All these tournaments will be the training ground for Barbados before it plays against the best teams in the Commonwealth Games 2014 (Glasgow).