Grand Prix Entertainment buy rights to US Rugby 7s

Grand Prix Entertainment are be moving towards gaining a superior position in Professional Rugby 7s, with the acquisition of the AR7s. The rights that the organization has acquired include several tournaments being organized by them such as ‘Halloween Sevens‘ in the state of Florida.

Grand Prix Entertainment is a company based out of San Francisco, who announced their intention of consolidating the small-sided rugby market by acquiring American Rugby 7s. The already own the Grand Prix RFL.

Grand Prix Ents should help the sport of rugby, especially in the rugby sevens league, to grow by leaps and bounds, with their distribution channels for their existing portfolio helping them to bring the sport to a wider audience.

The current CEO of AR7s is being kept on, and will continue to play a key role in the expanded program of the Grand Prix. The chairman of the Grand Prix emphasized that they like the passion, vision and execution of the CEO of AR7s as the Halloween tournament they organized in St Petersburg had been successful.

The AR7s initial agenda has been to help grow the professional games in the country. If all the stars are aligned the chances of Rugby Sevenes become a hit in the US are reasonable, with the US Pro Sevens league about to be launched in 2017, and audience figures for the Rugby 7s at the Rio Olympics being pretty solid.

Rugby 7s made it’s debut at the Rio Olympics in summer this year, and with the US Mens team making it into the Quarter Finals, and the women getting to the same stage, it looks like there is an appetite for the game in a National League.

Tickets for the league will shortly go on sale on this site, where you can alo find tickes from the big Rugby nations such as England, Fiji and Australia.

GPE are a powerful partner to have on board, as they have a global network of collaborators, and have the necessary funding to push it into the big leagues. Along with ‘W Partners’ they are commissioning a plan to focus on the global monetization with commercial rights for the Phase One Tour Championship coming up, and GPE expected to mount a serious bid for it.

The 7s teams can definitely look forward to more opportunities to play and to develop their skills at this game.