Rugby Sevens Fit For Olympics

The way the Rugby sevens event was embraced by the public and the media at the Rio Olympics is testimony to the fact that this sport must always be included in the Olympics.

There are many who are wondering as to why it took so long for this game to be an Olympic sport. The sport has the fittest and the most professional athletes competing and can easily be a crowd puller.

The seven athletes in a team undergo huge amounts of training, mental tests, skill training and many more like any other sports athletes. The men and women’s teams from all the participating countries put up a grand show at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and the event was a huge success.

The Australian women showed why they are the best in the world. One of the highlights of the Rugby sevens event at the Olympics was Fiji beating the Great Britain team in the men’s final with a score line of 43-7. This was the only medal that Fiji had won in the Olympics.

The Australian women’s team is the best in the game and they proved their mettle at the Rio Olympics. They beat their arch rivals New Zealand in the Olympic finals. The sport has won millions of fans and you would now see many boys and girls considering taking up the sport of Rugby sevens. The super powers of the world, USA and China also have started to increase the funding for the sport. You would probably see more Rugby 7’s team competing in the next Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

There is no doubt that fans will be filling the stadium to capacity when Rugby 7’s returns to the XXXII Olympiad in 2020 for all the day. With Japan beating New Zealand this Olympics, there are lots in store for every Rugby sevens fan in the 2020 Olympics.

Rugby Sevens Gather Speed This Weekend

if you look at the performance of Rugby Sevens team of Canada, the Monaco 7s will offer qualifying moments for the rugby sevens team that can take part in the Rio Olympics this summer

There are places for twelve teams to play among which about 11 have qualified already. Canada has lost out to North America about a year back. They have been qualified for the repechage tournament as a result.

Mexico had finished in the third position and that has made them the second team for North America teams. The winning team in the tournament that will be held in the upcoming weekend will be able to go to Rio. Women of Canada team have already qualified as they have finished in the second position the World Series last year. The men’s team is aiming high and wish to join the women’s team this year.

This weekend will be busy with sixteen teams playing in total. They would be coming in from continental qualifying events. The competitions would be run in 2015. There would be six winners in total who would be proceeding for the Rio tournament. They would be joining the top four teams as well as Brazil as per the standings in the 2014-2015 series. The events of this weekend will determine the runners up positions and teams.

There are several teams participating from countries like Samoa, Hong Kong, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Morocco, South Korea, Tunisia, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Uruguay, Spain and Chile. The other teams that would be participating in the events would be Mexico and Canada. The finals would be shown on Sunday. Many will get to watch the matches live on channels that will stream the tournament live. Other channels will show snippets or highlights. People can also follow the matches on live blogs or forums.

Zimbabwe Hosts African Women’s Rugby 7s

With the popularity of Rugby sevens touching a new high, after it was included as a main sport in the Rio Olympics, all eyes will now shift to Zimbabwe where the Rugby Africa Women’s Sevens Championship tournament will be held next month. There is no doubt that this event will boost the growth of the women’s game in Zimbabwe.

The event will be held between September 17 and 18 at the Police Grounds in Zimbabwean capital and there will be eight teams from Africa are participating in the event. The teams are: South Africa, Madagascar, Tunisia, Namibia, Senegal, Uganda, Zambia, and of course, host Zimbabwe.

The hosting of the event can open a new chapter for the women’s rugby and you are sure to see more and more schools taking part in the sport. The Lady Cheetas, the National Rugby sevens women’s team, took part in the Rio Olympic Sevens Repechage Rugby tournament held in Dublin in Ireland. They competed in the event after finishing fourth in the Olympic qualifiers for the African teams held in South Africa last year.

The Zimbabwean team will be bolstered by the introduction of the girls from the Old Mutual U18 team that took part in the South Africa Rugby Youth Week held in Kimberly. The Young Sables team will also be announced soon by the Zimbabwe Under-19 rugby team technical department. This event is going to be held in Windhoek in Namibia in a week’s time. Zimbabwe is doing pretty well in the U19 and U20 tournaments and they have won the Africa Cup U-19 event three times so far and will be eyeing for a fourth tournament win this year.

The introduction of some of the very good U19 payers in the Zimbabwe Women’s national rugby 7’s team is sure to give new wings to the team.

Samoa Starts Afresh For World Sevens

Damian McGrath, the coach of Samoa’s Rugby 7’s team, said that the team will be starting from scratch for the upcoming HSSBC World Sevens Series season.

This means that Samoa will be fielding a new team for the World Sevens. The Manu closed last season with a ninth place finish under new coach Damian McGrath. The squad played very well and had reached four quarterfinals out of the ten tournaments.

Damian said that the last year’s popular players Captain Falemiga Selesele and Hunapo-Nofoa will not be returning to the team this season. There are only three players left in the squad from last year and these are all home grown players. Most of the players from Samoa have gone to New Zealand and a few are discussing to get European contracts. He is looking to recruit new players into the team and to build a new team for the forthcoming World Sevens Series.

He acknowledged the fact that the team had been able to do well through the players based in New Zealand and hopes that this year too, he will be able to find out some gems from the island nation like Phoenix Hunapo-Nofoa. He is sure that there will be a few popular players that will be missed by the New Zealand system and he will be able to bring some to represent Samoa.

Phoenix is currently looking for gaining some Europe contracts and Damian is in constant touch with him. If Phoenix does not find a better option in Europe, he would return to Samoa. But, this is not the case with Falemiga and he has joined Hawkes Bay, the New Zealand province. He is not worried about the bygones and wants to look into the future. He would have loved to have retained some of the best players of the last season in Samoa’s squad, but now he is ready to move on and construct a new team before the event kick starts in December.

Mark Bennett In Rio Olympics With Rugby Sevens

The Scotland rugby player Mark Bennett has made a decision of chasing his Olympic dream instead of going on tour with his Scotland team to Japan.

He was to play tests back to back in the Far East, but he has got the permission to back out from Squad by the head coach Vern Cotter in order to be a part of the rugby sevens for Rio Olympics. Mark Bennett, a successful player of rugby sevens has played for Scotland. He has taken part in 5 matches of Scotland in Six Nations Championship match which was held in the year 2015.

Bennett is all set to prepare himself for the Rio Olympics now that he has been selected to be a part of the rugby sevens team. Rugby sevens will be performing for the first time in the Rio Olympic Games 2016. The head coach of Scotland rugby team Vern Cotter has said that it’s a good opportunity for Mark Bennett as it was something that he wanted to do it and hence the Scotland team did not object to this and let him go. Cotter also said that it was one of the biggest dreams of Mark Bennett to take part in Rio Olympics and it is indeed a great opportunity to show his best performance. Bennett has moved out of Scotland for Rio Olympics with the blessings of Cotter as he always knew how much playing in Olympics meant to Bennett.

Mark Bennett has high regards as per the Scotland coach and he is quite confident that Bennett will not disappoint his fans and give in his best to achieve victory. He is one of the strongest players who will certainly not accept defeat and make it to top. Bennett has been putting his great efforts through practices and following a rigorous fitness routine.

B.C. Place Chosen A Venue For Rugby Sevens Match

Vancouver based B.C. Place Stadium has been chosen as the venue for Rugby Sevens match in the coming year.

Canada faced serious opposition from as many as twenty bidding nations to host the 2-day event that is scheduled to be hosted in 2016 March. The event will feature sixteen of world’s leading Men’s 7 squads.

The Canada campaign was spearheaded by erstwhile President & CEO of 2010 Vancouver 2010 Olympics John Furlong & -Gareth Rees, the erstwhile captain of Canada rugby, who is also an honourable inductee of World Rugby Hall of Fame.

“Vancouver is one of the most renowned event venues & a great city with immense track record on housing incredible events, such as Olympic 2010 Winter Games”, stated Bernard Lapasset, the honourable chairman of World Rugby.

“It’s very inclusion within the stellar rugby series venues is excellent for the players, amazing for the fans & fantastic for ongoing prosperity & development of the game of rugby here at Canada as well as across the world.”

The complete roster of the host cities scheduled for 7s Tour would be declared this month.

“Congrats to Rugby Canada & Canada Sevens for their selection as the hosts of Rugby World Sevens to be held at Vancouver in 2016 March”, read a happy tweet from honourable P.M. Stephen Harper.”

The men’s rugby event arrives on heels of the country being picked to host a venue for Rugby World Women’s 7s Series that would be held at Langford. B.C., commencing in 2015 April. And it arrives amidst a great spotlight on 7s that would debut in Summer Olympics 2016.

According to news, the 2014-2015 men’s rugby 7s series would feature stops in several places including Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Scotland, Japan, Hong Kong & the U.S.