One of the most popular games in the world is rugby. There are many variations of this widely accepted game and rugby sevens, is one of them. As the name suggests the team comprises of 7 players instead of 15 players of an ordinary rugby game.

The rules of the game are controlled by the International Rugby Board as usual, which is the body responsible for the worldwide rugby union. It was started in a place called Mel Prose situated in Scotland and people there continue to play it even today. Especially during the summer months, the inhabitants there enjoy the game at both amateur levels as well as in the club tournaments.

The rules of rugby sevens remain the same, so as the field structure, like the usual 15 player rugby. The matches are usually shorter than usual game. The time duration is different though where instead of usual 80 minutes, each rugby sevens session lasts for total 14 minutes for both the teams with a break of 1 min each. This makes the game shorter in duration and tournaments can be completed within a couple of days.

Two major tournaments are played which popularizes the rugby sevens. The first one, which is called the Rugby World Cup sevens, is sponsored by the IRB and is held after every four years like the others. It is a very prestigious tournament and is considered to be the highest prize by the rugby union. The other one is the IRB seven World Series which is also sponsored and patronized by IRB. Rugby sevens has also been played at certain multi-sport events like the Commonwealth Games. The game has become so popular that it will now be a part of the Olympics and will first be played in 2016 during the event.