Rugby Sevens to make a Debut in Youth Olympics

IRB Chairman Bernard Lapasset and the President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge are really prospective about the inclusion of the rugby sevens at the youth Olympic Games to be held at Nanjing in 2014.

After this, it will be officially introduced at the Rio Olympics in 2016. With such an approach they think that not only rugby sevens but rugby as a sport will gain more popularity among the youth. This will also give an opportunity to all those aspiring rugby players and fresh stars-to-be in rugby to show their skills and get their career rolling.

Rugby Sevens will not only bring in opportunities for the upcoming talents but also will help all the men and women, those who participate, to shape their mental developments and learn the spirit of sport. Besides, a large crowd can also be attracted to both the Youth Olympics and Olympics this way. With the introduction of this game in China, the sport is expected to have a huge number of Asian talents pouring in to play the game and the observations since 2009 after IOC’s declaration to include the game have shown a growth of participation by more than 18 per cent.

£9 million is not a matter of joke and this investment made by IRB has really begun to make some difference in Asia regarding the popularity of rugby sevens. Already a couple of contracts have been signed by IRB with various rugby organizations of China namely Chinese Rugby Football Association to promote the game and work upon its development in the city of Guangzhou in China.

On the other hand, Japan is all set to host the rugby world Cup in 2019. So it can be seen rugby is growing fast in Asia and soon be at par with the America and European countries.