Rugby Sevens, also known as seven a side is a different form of rugby game play. It basically consists of seven players playing on the field instead of the standard fifteen.

Rugby Seven was originally started off in Scotland and the Melrose tournament is still played annually till date. This summer game has managed to gain popularity because of the fact that it has gained interest from all levels of the society, from the amateurs as well as in club tournaments. Its popularity has spread all throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, South Pacific and America.

Rugby Sevens has managed to make an impact globally and has found a place in the Olympics. It will make its debut in the Olympic games of 2016. It will be officially registered as a sport after a vote is passed by the executive body governing the Olympic Committee. The beauty of a Rugby Seven tournament is that it can be finish off to completion within a week or two at maximum due to the short time span of each match. The team of Rugby seven is usually composed of three players on the forward, three backs and one at the scrums. The scrums are usually just three players from each team.

There are several variations to the game that are available and they keep changing depending upon the tournament that is being held currently. The entire game of Rugby Sevens is all about fun and frolic and the fans come up in fancy dresses to cheer for their teams to bring about some entertainment and excitement.

This game has managed to grow in the times and people are constantly becoming more and more interested in the game bringing about a better popularity and like from the masses and fans.